Blueprint: Subdomain handling with Spring Boot and Spring Web MVC

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This blueprint demonstrates how you can map subdomains to Spring MVC controllers in one application. The use-cases are:

- Having a multi-tenancy application with a custom subdomain for each tenant.

- Combining various microsites on different subdomains into the same Spring Boot application.

- Or both of it.

You should have already read my blog post at to understand what's this all about.

This blueprint does **not**

- include any exsamples how to integrate Spring Security

- include any exsamples how to use Spring's Reactive features

- include fancy caching algorithms

- deal with @RestController annotations

- fix your CORS problems

- handle each of the corner cases you might think of

- allow annotations on method level but only on class level

It implements the two custom annotations for controller classes:

- @SubdomainController which can handle multiple subdomains like

- @TenantController which expects to resolve the current request to a tenant provided by a repository.

I am also providing a TenantRepository and TenantContext implementation to show how you can deal with subdomains for tenants.

- You can re-use the architecture template in your own projects.
- You should only purchase if you need a working sample project for handling subdomains with Spring Boot / Spring Web MVC. There is no support included and the whole archive comes as-is.
- You should have read my blog post about this topic and understood what I wanted to achieve.
- There is no support or further documentation included.

If you need commercial/enterprise support, please get in contact with me.

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You'll get a ZIP file containing an importable Maven project which demonstrates the described use-case

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Blueprint: Subdomain handling with Spring Boot and Spring Web MVC

0 ratings
I want this!